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Cosmetic Organizers and Trays

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizers from AcrylicGiftware.Com come in a variety of sizes, shapes, purposes and we offer a multitude of each. From flat to tiered lipstick tube holders, to cotton ball and swab keepers and the list goes on. Remember also that clear, tough acrylic can be hand-painted, engraved or be vinyl appliqued for the ultimate in branding or personalization. 

All Purpose Box
Lipstick Tube Holders

All of AcrylicGiftware's Lipstick Tube Holders are crafted from highly impact-resistant compounds and offer flat or tiered holders in case you have as few a couple tubes to 24 or more needing to be available at any one time. By the way, acrylic products are perfect for personalization for friends, business or personal applications. Great products for hand painting, laser engraving or vinyl appliques.

Lotion Dispensers

Acrylic lotion dispensers are easy to use, easier to clean and come in a variety of sizes and shapes for the kitchen, bathroom or boardroom. Select form a wide range of shapes from traditional square or round with polished sides or our "Diamond-Line" edging. Also be surprised to see a unique pebble-shape acrylic lotion dispenser to remind you of the rocky coastline at Martha's Vineyard or in Maine. Cleaning is so easy with a hand-wash of liquid soap in warm water and then let air dry. No scrubbing is required or even suggested.

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