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You know how sometimes you think about a subject and then it hits you that you haven’t seen that or them in a long while? It’s like driving down a local street and remembering that the store in that shopping center used to be Blockbuster Video and people would stand in line waiting to check out while the employees couldn’t wait to go home but YOU kept picking up the candy and popcorn as you were in line making the employee have to stay just a little longer. 

A great many customers and readers have asked about my wife's current condition after having radiation for breast cancer last year, and I'm surprised of that. When we first started this blog we were thinking small tidbits of information about our products and how they are best used would be informative and generate readers but we were surprised how many readers were generated when personal issues like gun control, animal abuse and my wife's personal battle with Cancer were written. 

We've tabulated our September donation to the Hurricane Harvey victims and we are happy to announce that we will have donated $750 towards the cost to help our fellow Texans for their way back to as "normal" life as possible. Some were spared altogether while others will have months or longer to re-establish their previous "normal" and for those of us who were not impacted, we can't imagine what they and the folks in Florida and especially Puerto Rico and now California are going through. We wish we could have collected more but unfortunately a lot of our crafters and customers were regional from the south Texas area.

The Harvey “Trickle Up” effect

Well here it is about one week after the Hurricane Harvey came ashore in Texas and it has moved east (just a little). None of us can imagine the devastation those in Houston are going through. One minute you have a normal life and the next you don’t. That quickly. 

If you are a regular visitor to our web site you may have noticed a change in our appearance. It’s not so noticeable from the home page, however, we have re-vamped our entire inventory to reflect the changing times and directions. 

 Hey everyone and sorry we haven’t been able to provide updates as regularly as would have liked but we have been awfully busy. We had an opportunity a couple of years ago to involve ourselves in the what was then “growing” housing market in Dallas that has turned into the “HOT” housing market in Dallas as commercial vacancy rates hover about 6% which is a new low for us. Residential vacancies are at a low of about 1%. That is a hot market.



Sooner or later AcrylicGiftware.Com knew it was going to happen and we wanted to be a part of it. The explosion of the crafts industry. Whether you work from home, in a local boutique, on-line, in a group or as a lone wolf, the crafting industry has shot up to an approximate $30 BILLION dollar a year business. With the inclusion of all crafters advertising with Amazon, E-Bay, Etsy, Pinterest and a myriad of other sources, there is no limit to the potential for success more than right now.

What a year it has been. A lot of American's don’t want to be bothered with another debate regardless of what level or for what cause, gun control is still and has been for a long time a sore subject for both the pro and con advocates, war still rages all over the world and there are still those who firmly believe that man has no direct connection to climate change even though the United States produces the second highest level of C02 emissions in the world.


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