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We've tabulated our September donation to the Hurricane Harvey victims and we are happy to announce that we will have donated $750 towards the cost to help our fellow Texans for their way back to as "normal" life as possible. Some were spared altogether while others will have months or longer to re-establish their previous "normal" and for those of us who were not impacted, we can't imagine what they and the folks in Florida and especially Puerto Rico and now California are going through. We wish we could have collected more but unfortunately a lot of our crafters and customers were regional from the south Texas area. 

 Our choice for the donations was spilt between OPERATION KINDNESS here in the Dallas area and the HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF FUND. 

Operation Kindness is a no-kill animal shelter operating in Dallas for years providing shelter and adoption services fo abandoned, injured and abused animals. They began taking in animals almost immediately after the flooding began and were soon crowded with pets, some of which have found their way back home thanks to micro chips or collars with vaccination tags or pets names and phone numbers.

 The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was established by the Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner and County Judge Ed Emmett after receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies who wanted to help. They accept tax-deductible relief donations for the victims affected by the recent storm. The fund is housed at the Greater Houston Community Foundation, a (c)(3) public charity.

We do realize that as bad as it was it could have been worse but I personally think that is something we tell ourselves until it happens to us. Then it must hit like a blistering, hard slap in the face.To all of those impacted by this devastation we can only wish them the best and rely upon those agencies who are or did provide services for those in need. Just like those in California's wine country now who thought this could never happen to them, it will change lives forever. Our prayers go out to all of them and may we never be placed n the same position.  

From all the employees of AcrylicGiftware.Com and The National Plastic Engraving Company

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The Harvey “Trickle Up” effect

Well here it is about one week after the Hurricane Harvey came ashore in Texas and it has moved east (just a little). None of us can imagine the devastation those in Houston are going through. One minute you have a normal life and the next you don’t. That quickly. 

If you are a regular visitor to our web site you may have noticed a change in our appearance. It’s not so noticeable from the home page, however, we have re-vamped our entire inventory to reflect the changing times and directions. 

 Hey everyone and sorry we haven’t been able to provide updates as regularly as would have liked but we have been awfully busy. We had an opportunity a couple of years ago to involve ourselves in the what was then “growing” housing market in Dallas that has turned into the “HOT” housing market in Dallas as commercial vacancy rates hover about 6% which is a new low for us. Residential vacancies are at a low of about 1%. That is a hot market.



Not a final note on Cancer, however a last note regarding my wife’s bout for those who have inquired about it and we are appreciative for that. My wife, who typically believes she can’t do something just by the sound of it (whatever it is) did beautifully with her radiation treatment and thankfully that was all that was required from a treatment point of view. Facing the problem immediately and not allowing any time to really think about what needs to be done, rather just doing it, was the best approach we could have taken.


Sooner or later AcrylicGiftware.Com knew it was going to happen and we wanted to be a part of it. The explosion of the crafts industry. Whether you work from home, in a local boutique, on-line, in a group or as a lone wolf, the crafting industry has shot up to an approximate $30 BILLION dollar a year business. With the inclusion of all crafters advertising with Amazon, E-Bay, Etsy, Pinterest and a myriad of other sources, there is no limit to the potential for success more than right now.

What a year it has been. A lot of American's don’t want to be bothered with another debate regardless of what level or for what cause, gun control is still and has been for a long time a sore subject for both the pro and con advocates, war still rages all over the world and there are still those who firmly believe that man has no direct connection to climate change even though the United States produces the second highest level of C02 emissions in the world.


In less than a week after our previous post last month regarding “All Profits Donated to Susan G. Komen" (which was accidently left out of this blog area but was on our Facebook page) we received our initial order for Breast Cancer Awareness name badges from a local Ford dealership (Five Star Ford North Richland Hills, TX) for name recognition badges for their entire sales and office personnel. As a result of this one order we were able to immediately present the proceeds of that sale ($517.50) to Robin Hansen, Development Manager for Susan G Komen Dallas County.

Our blogs normally include a little about life, acrylic products, social events and any combination of the before-mentioned. It’s obviously designed to let you know how something can be used or what it is so you, our customers and guests, can see if there is benefit that helps establish value when price is added into the equation. That’s what our blogs are designed to do. We share information and experiences with others who may have similar interests but this is not our ordinary blog albeit the same end result is anticipated.

Now, AcrylicGiftware.Com is offering personalization on a special, new line of promotional products we have obtained rights to represent. We are devoting our efforts and time to a creatively crafted, signature line of portable drinkware perfect for corporate events, large parties, weddings and all sorts of special occasions. 

If you consider there are about 21 million self-employed persons in the US today with fewer than 10 employees and most employ no one other than themselves, you begin to understand how important and impactful the personalization industry becomes. Ready to supplement to your income or create one? Check this out !

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