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Iced Salad Servers

Iced salad servers just happen to be the best kept secret for party goers and, especially, party givers. No need to keep running back and forth from the frig to table at a small get together or large special event. Simply place crushed or cubed ice in the base , place the cooling tray over the ice so the contents don't touch the ice and spoil the taste or looks, and there you go. Put your veggies, fruits, gourmet foods or cheeses and cover with the lid provided. Don't worry about flying insects at the pool or someone's cracker falling off their plate above the covered ice chilled server and because our products are crystal clear you'll know when to re-stock. Built-in drain pans collect unwanted water so there is never direct contact between your food and condensation spoiling the taste unless you wish it that way for special dishes like shrimp, oysters, etc.

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