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Chanukah GOLD Menorah Napkin Ring (SET OF 4)
Highly Polished Gold Menorah With Crystal Clear Fl
OPTIONAL: Silver Menorah With Gold Crystal F
Gift Boxed In Sets Of 4

Chanukah or Hanukah is the 8 day Jewish celebration of the "Festival of Lights" and now you can create a unique addition to your holiday table with these creative, heavy and beautiful zinc alloy napkin rings offered in SETS OF 4.

Two colors are offered. The first (offered on this page) is a stunning golden metal alloy candlestick with clear crystal faceted  flames and the 2nd option is a highly polished silver metal alloy with golden yellow reflective flames. Each Menorah Napkin Ring is heavily weighted, measure approximately 2" horizontally and vertically and are beautifully attention getting!

These heritage crafted napkin rings come individually poly-sealed for their protection and are gift-boxed in sets of 4, however, are also available in sets of 8, 12 or more if needed. If greater volumes are required we suggest you contact us directly to receive any discounts available depending upon volume size. You may reach us directly at (972) 345-0472.

Although this is a once-a-year celebration, you would be surprised as to how early some organizations or individuals plan for the occasion so consider ordering early especially with current and potential transportation delays in the future.

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Price : $35.40
Mark Down Price : $26.94

Chanukah GOLD Menorah Napkin Ring (SET OF 4)

Product Status : Available
SKU : AGW1818-4-G
Price : $19.95 Chanukah Menorah Napkin Ring (SET OF 4 GOLD)
p/ Item or p/ Set
Chanukah Menorah Napkin Ring (SET OF 4 GOLD)
Savings p/ item or p/ set
Quantity :
Weight : 2.5 Oz
Width : 2
Height : 2
Length : 2

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