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Ten years ago when we invented the Retail/Wholesale acrylic on-line marketplace there we very few others in the same business. Even today that part hasn’t changed, rather, what has changed is what the current market wants in acrylic?As few as 3 years ago we used to sell a plethora of jewelry boxes and jewelry racks and now the demand is for personalized small jewelry trays instead. Cosmetic trays displayed on a vanity area used to be popular and now the design is to hide all cosmetics in a drawer or under a cabinet. Keep it clean. So, we too are changing.

When we started AcrylicGiftware.Com we included every acrylic item we could find to offer our customers and that ended up being almost 900 items or variations of items. We’ve just reduced that amount by 800+. Some were slow movers while other we NO movers. What we found was a different market has emerged since our inception that now includes crafters, in-home businesses that take our blank products and embellish them into personalized items for weddings, teachers, fund-raisers and special events as well as the party favorites and any other occasion you can imagine. The corporate market has also expanded for us to include custom made, one-of-a-kind trade displays as well as custom acrylic awards and all sorts of small custom orders from specialty serving trays, engravable acrylic blocks, Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays and, not to forget, our improved presence in the acrylic embedment market.

In addition to the above-mentioned changes we added additional tier levels so fewer of certain items can be ordered, plus the more you buy the less each item becomes and that tier pricing is the one thing we have kept constant that everyone appreciates.

We do realize that there are some of our customers who will be a little disappointed when they return and cannot find what they previously had ordered year after year. Let us apologize in advance for that disappointment, however, be aware that had those items been so popular in the market place that we just could not keep them in stock, we would still have them and that is our business model. To carry in-demand acrylic items, in volume at prices below the market pricing rather than equal to it.

We hope that you find what you want when and if you visit, however, please know that we are a phone call or e-mail away still fabricating small volume custom acrylic products for all occasions. If you don’t see what you want, please just ask.

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